Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Red Envelope Day

I thought that the perfect post for red envelope day would be a post with 2 stories about 2 mothers who made different decisions.

Once upon a time there was a mother who was pregnant. She went in for a routine test and found out that her baby would have down syndrome. The mother decided to have an abortion. She went on her way, thinking that she had just rid herself of a burden.

This story is true, but I can't show you the baby, or the hundreds of other babies with this same story, because they never got a chance to be born.

Once upon a time there was a mother who was pregnant. She went in for a routine test and found out that her baby would have down syndrome. She chose not to have an abortion and to keep the baby, even though she found out soon after the baby was born that she (the baby) would have heart problems.

She named her baby Hannah, which means Grace.

This is a true story, and this is baby Hannah.

Can you imagine what would happen if her mother had decided to have an abortion? Baby Hannah wouldn't be here showing us her nose because she would be dead.

Many other babies with down syndrome aren't here to show us their noses because they are dead. Someone decided that they didn't want a "burden", but instead of getting rid of a burden, they got rid of a blessing.

But Hannah's mother decided to keep her blessing, and now she has an adorable baby who had a chance to live and is showing everyone that down syndrome is not a bad thing at all.


Kim said...

This is a wonderful post MaddieLynn. I am pregnant with our fifth baby and was able to have a wonderful conversation with our doctor about how we view the gift of life.

Thank you for this post and for spending the time to send the red envelopes.

Precious Hannah is a gift from God. I am certain all who know her are blessed!

Bethanie said...

Hannah's mother was very brave. Bless her.

Erin said...

Dear MaddieLynn, what a wonderful post! When I was pregnant with number 3, I was considered high risk. Still, I turned down all the "screening" tests early on...I knew I would have my baby, so why worry about it. Only when the tests would impact the baby's delivery did I acquiesce...like you, I couldn't imagine an alternative.

Kris said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you for being a voice for those who have no voice. I pray that someone who needs to see this post today will see it and allow him- or herself to be changed by what you've written.

Anonymous said...

Sweet MaddieLynn, I am Kelly Kile, an old friend of your mother. I too have a precious daughter named Grace, she also happens to have an extra chromosome! Most people call it down syndrome, we call it "her extra something special". You are correct there are so many of our precious babies that are lost due to ignorance, fear and selfishness. I am a part of an organization that chooses to educate the public, and the Dr.'s so that mothers who recieve news of potential disabilities will get correct information and make choices to continue with the life of that precious gift. Over 85% of women who find out that they are having a child with Down syndrome choose to end that life. Thank you for choosing to spread the word that life, all life is precious and God given. You are a sweetheart!

Lene said...

Maddie Lynn,
I have been catching up on reading some of my blogs. I have really enjoyed catching up on yours. I learned some interesting facts about fish. I'm loving the "Reagan" entertainment. I was just wondering on Sunday if my child would scream if I pinched her misbehaving bottom during church. I think you answered that for me :).

Emma said...

Amen sister!


Linz said...

Such sweet photos! Thank you for sharing them as well as the rest of your post.