Monday, November 24, 2008

The Wonders Of Science

Reagan has made 2 important scientific discoveries lately!

The first is that if you don't chew your pickle slices AT ALL, they can be barfed up completely intact at a later time and make for a really gross story.

The second discovery was made today while we were picking pecans. She informed Mommy excitedly that she "Opened a pecan and IT! HAD A NUT! INSIDE IT!", and best of all, "The nut, IT! TASTED! GOOD!"

I wonder what we'll discover next.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Throw-Ups

Reagan has "The Throw-Ups".

That would be bad enough, but Reagan needs a little work on obeying without arguing. Here are some conversation clips that I heard:

"Mommy, I WANT TO GET UP!!!!! You KNOW my stomach doesn't hurt ANY MORE!" (To make this sound authentic, have a whiny two-year-old say it while another sibling is stomping their feet and one more is making gagging sounds.)

"Mommy, WHY can't I have cereal?!?!? You know I don't have the throw-ups any more!"

Add a long pause, and then:

"Mommy, I NEVER EVER throw up!"

In other news, how do you like my blog's new look? Mommy A certain person named whose name I shall not mention said that my header looked like it had a big pile of sand in it.

Tell me if she's right. Okay?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Katherine's Story

Last night, I overheard my 4 y.o. sister pretending to read a book to my 2 y.o. sister. I'll relay the story to you IF you have a strong stomach and IF you are not eating. If you fall into that category, just go away. That's right. Leave. Go on!

Katherine's Story (with interuptions)

4 y.o.: "Once upon a time there was a dog and-"

2 y.o. "What kind of dog?"

4 y.o. "Just a dog. Once there was a dog and he ate a person-"

2 y.o. "HE ATE A PERSON?!?!?"

4 y.o. "Yes."

2 y.o. "Eeww."

4 y.o. "But his stomach didn't like the person, so he BARFED HIM ALL UP!"

2 y.o. "EEEEWWWW!!!"

4 y.o. "And then he got a drink out of his water bowl-"

2 y.o. "Eeww."

4 y.o. "And then he ATE THE PERSON AGAIN!"


The moral of this story is: Dogs, DON'T EAT PEOPLE!

And to all of you who were eating when you read this even though I warned you: Aren't you sorry now?