Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Katherine's Story

Last night, I overheard my 4 y.o. sister pretending to read a book to my 2 y.o. sister. I'll relay the story to you IF you have a strong stomach and IF you are not eating. If you fall into that category, just go away. That's right. Leave. Go on!

Katherine's Story (with interuptions)

4 y.o.: "Once upon a time there was a dog and-"

2 y.o. "What kind of dog?"

4 y.o. "Just a dog. Once there was a dog and he ate a person-"

2 y.o. "HE ATE A PERSON?!?!?"

4 y.o. "Yes."

2 y.o. "Eeww."

4 y.o. "But his stomach didn't like the person, so he BARFED HIM ALL UP!"

2 y.o. "EEEEWWWW!!!"

4 y.o. "And then he got a drink out of his water bowl-"

2 y.o. "Eeww."

4 y.o. "And then he ATE THE PERSON AGAIN!"


The moral of this story is: Dogs, DON'T EAT PEOPLE!

And to all of you who were eating when you read this even though I warned you: Aren't you sorry now?


Emma said...

How funny! My five year old will sometimes tell me stories. They're hilarious!


Amy said...

Hahaha! That sounds like a story my boys would tell each other! :)