Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Sorry for the long delay in posting, peoples. I've been really busy lately. I just got back from church camp on Friday, and I haven't really had time to post anything.

I'm starting gymnastics tomorrow! I'm super excited! Cameron (9) and Adrienne (7) are also starting. We've been seeing what we can do on the trampoline. I can do a cartwheel, a summersalt, ande I can also do a flip in midair by pushing off of my hands! If I go over hard enough I can land right on my feet and stand up.

Does anyone have any tips for the first day of gymnastics?

And does anyone notice anything different around here? I just completely re-did my blog and I love the way it looks! I'd also love to get feedback!


Linz said...

Your blog looks really great. Hope you had a good first gymnastics lesson! :)

Emma said...

I love your blog! Have fun at gymnastics! I did it for 4 1/2 years and loved it.