Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fish And Other Thoughts

My guppy had babies.


From the last "batch", I have 1 male and 1 female who are about 6 weeks old. From this batch, it looks like I have 4 that are living, and I can't tell if they're males or females yet.

I'm going to have to give them away before we move, so here is a list of all of the fish that are we have that we need to give away:

1 full grown probably pregnant guppy
1 6 week old female guppy
1 6 week old male guppy
4 1 day old guppies
2 male platies
1 female platy
3 minnows
1 Rosy Red minnow
1 goldfish
1 algae-eater fish

I'm going to let the minnows go in a pond, but the rest are going to find a new home.

Now for the random thoughts:

If you go on a trip, and you think, "I'm not going to drink out of that water bottle after everyone else did because they might be sick and then they would get me sick", then sure enough, nothing will happen.

But, is on the way home 5 days later, you think, "Well, no one got sick last time, so I might as well get a drink", then sure enough, your 4 year old sister will start throwing up the next morning.

57 million chigger bites are VERY itchy!

The fish population is multiplying way too rapidly.

Why did the one who got sick have to be the one who takes one and a half weeks to get well?!?!?

We have piano lessons and a dentists appointment overlapping tomorrow.

Also, the dog has an eye infection and needs to be taken to the vet.

And don't forget, you have a couple if other tiny little things to do, like, I don't know, oh yeah, we need to PACK UP THE WHOLE HOUSE!

6-soon-to-be-7 year old's birthday is in a week, and we still have to pack and do school whilst getting ready for a birthday.

What do I do if someone starts throwing up all over the floor while Mymomconnie is at the grocery store buying toilet paper?

When you go to the liquor store to get boxes to move, you REALLY hope that no one you know hears the 2 year old bawling, "YOU NEVER TAKE ME IN WHEN WE GO TO THE LIQUOR STORE! I WAAAAANT TO GO TO THE LIQUOR STORE!" (Nevermind that she has never seen a liquor store in her whole life, That "never" business is just a trick to get what she wants.)

The same 2 yr old has very clever ways of getting what she wants, like this:

Daddy: "Woobie, when did you get so big?"

Woobie: "It's the ice cream."

And this:

Woobie: "One day, I'll grow as big as Cameron! (the 8 yr old)

Me: "When will you get that big?"

Her: "When you give me some chocolate milk."

Me: "What if I don't want you to grow up?'

Woobie: "Could you just give me some chocolate milk?"

Me: "What if I don't want to give you some chocolate milk?"

Her: "Then could you give me some candy or gum?"

And this. First, let me set the scene: 2 yr old sees sick 4 yr old get a popsicle.

Her: "Mommy, I neeeeed a popsicle!"

Mommy: "No, you're not sick."

Her: "Mommmmmyyyyy! My mouth makes me sick!"

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Nikki said...

You send your cute Woobie to me and I'll give her chocolate milk. hehe