Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Math, It Is STRANGE, Y'all

This is actually a real problem that was in my math book today.

"The formula for the space (s) passed over by a body that moves with uniform velocity (v) during a given time (t) is s=vt. Find s when v=180 feet a second and t=3 seconds."

Now, I'm curious: At what time is the human body moving at one hundred and eighty feet per second?!? Is it a common practice these days to shoot people out of cannons so scientists can dream up mathematical formulas to torture innocent kids?


M3isMe said...

Maddie, you rock! I am a sahm of three, the oldest of whom is now living in the dorms at Whitworth University. I home-school the other two (a 12-year old boy and a 9-year old girl). I often bring up your posts at the dinner table because I like them so much! As for shooting kids out of cannons, when I was your age, I definitely knew some boys who would have been first in line!

Anonymous said...

lol! i'm with ya there!
- becca