Thursday, December 18, 2008


Now, I'm going to talk about roans.

A roan is a horse who has the base color, such as bay or chestnut, mixed with white hairs. The head and lower legs are darker. Sometimes the mane & tail are also mixed with white, or "frosted".

A bay with roaning is called a Red Roan or a Bay Roan:

A chestnut with roaning is called a Strawberry Roan:

A black with roaning is called a Blue Roan.

Roaning can be found in all colors, but in light colors it can be hard to see. Here is a buckskin roan:

All roans carry at least one copy of the roan gene, which means that all of their foals will have at least half a chance of being roan. Roans are born the base color of their coat (bay, black, etc), but when they lose their baby fur, which is some time between 4 months and 1 year, the roaning shows. Sometimes a roan is confused with a horse that is greying out.

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