Friday, December 19, 2008


Dun is the "original" horse color, as in early horses were some variation of dun. A dun horse looks a lot like a buckskin, but it has markings that are referred to as "primitive markings", such as leg barring:

And dorsal stripes:

The original variation of dun was bay + dun + mealy. However, many more dun variations exist today.

A bay with the dun gene is a Zebra Dun:

A chestnut with the dun gene is a red dun:

A black with the dun gene is a grulla (pronounced grew-ya):

A palomino + dun is called a palomino dun or a dunalino. A buckskin + dun is called a dunskin.

An interesting fact about the dun color is that a horse cannot be a dun unless at least one of its parents was a dun also, unlike most other colors.


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