Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Some Tips on Internet Ettiquete/Grammar

Today, I thought I'd share some tips I have discovered that make it easier to get along with other people on the World Wide Web.

  • When You Capitalize Every Word Like This, It Makes Your Message Harder To Read. See What I Mean?
  • When you dont use any punctuation at all like this it makes it harder to read what you are saying and it also makes you look kind of dumb
  • Plz don't use chat speak like this in forums bc most of the members don't like it when u do and some even have rules against it.
  • if you want to look rlly stooped talk lik this dont use any capitil letterz or punkshwashin misspell half of th words use chat speek leeve letterz off of the endz of words and put a z instead of an s at th ends of words also dont proofread anything u type.
  • If you don't wish to appear dumb, disregard the previous advice.
  • Emotion is very hard to express through typing, so sometimes your message can come across the wrong way. Smileys can sometimes help get your message across the right way. Don't flood your message with smileys, though, because it gets very annoying.
  • There are some words that are not interchangeable, such as "also" and "too"; "their", "there", and "they're"; "you're" and "your", etc.*
  • If you join a new forum, make sure you read the rules before you post so you won't accidentally break any of them.

* "Also" and "too": These can sometimes mean the same thing (example: You could say, "I went to the store also," or "I went to the store too,"). However, also and too are not interchangeable all of the time! For example, you could say, "Also, we went to the park," but it would be weird to say "Too, we went to the park,".

"Their", "There", and "They're": "Their" is possessive, as in "Their dog ran away". "There" means a place, as in "Let's go over there". "They're" is a contraction that is short for "they are", as in "They're going to the zoo".

"Your" and "You're": "Your" is possessive, as in "Your dress is pretty". "You're" is a contraction that is short for "you are", as in "You're getting this blanket dirty!"

If you have any more good tips, please leave them in the comments!


Nikki said...

Since emotion is very hard to express through typing, I like to bold things, italicize, and sometimes make the font bigger in certain areas. I also purposely use poor punctuation. But believe me, it bothers me somewhat. I feel the need to add at the end, "I know that's not grammatically correct, but I'm trying to create the right atmosphere. or something. ;P"

Good post MaddieLynn.

Nicki said...

EXCELLENT advice! I agree with everything you said, and hope more people find your post!