Friday, March 26, 2010

Online Horse SIMS Reviews: Part 1

This is the first of a 3-part series that will review 3 different online horse SIMS. The one I am going to review today is Howrse.

I've already done a post telling what Howrse is about, so if you haven't already, go over and read that before you read this.


  • Friendly community
  • Friendly & helpful moderators
  • Fairly realistic
  • You can breed your horses
  • There is a "Safe Haven" (a place to sell horses that other player's don't want)
  • An advertising section of the forum
  • 2 different currencies
  • You can "age" your horse to make it grow up faster (this is a pro for impatient players, but a con for players wanting realistic-ness. See cons.)
  • You don't have to care for your horses every single day. If you are unable to get on for a while, your horses stay the same way you left them until you get on again.


  • Fairly small number of breeds
  • HUGE number of players (over 1 million), so there is a lot of forum spam
  • Unrealistic aspects, such as being able to age your horse, make your horse immortal, bringing a dead horse back to life, etc.
  • No trading feature, where players can safely trade items to each other without the fear of being scammed
  • Ads. Uggh. The ads are annoying, but since the game is free to play, I'm not really upset about them.

Ratings on a scale of 1-10:

Realistic-ness: 7

Family friendliness: 7 (Just because of all the forum spam. However, if you stay off of the forums I would give it a 9 or 10.)

Difficulty level: 6

Overall friendliness: 9


So, that's my review of Howrse. Feel free to put your opinions of it in the comments, but please keep the comments nice or they will not be published. (By nice, I don't mean that I only want to have people saying my review is great. I'm perfectly fine with someone saying "I disagree with such-and-such a point. However, I am not fine with someone saying something like, "You're so stupid, how in the world can you think that!")

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