Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If you're bored, then...

Take a look at Nikki's blog whilst squealing and flapping your hands around.

Look at this free tutorial about bathtubs.

Stare at these beautiful horses.

Laugh your head off at this hilarious video:

We were dying over here about the parts, "You have 4 eyes" and "WHY is this HAPPENING to me?"

That last part sounds like something that Reagan might do. Sometimes, when she's in trouble, she says, "I can NOT stop this crying!" Once, in the middle of a PRAYER at church, I might add, Reagan was acting up, so Mymomconnie pinched her to get her attention. Bad idea. She started yelling, "MY MOMMY PIIIIIIIIIIIIINCHED MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!"

Never assume that cute means harmless.


Holly said...

MaddieLynn -

I gave you an award. :)

(Emily's Mom)

(Well, give me a minute to post it.) :)

Emily said...

Hey MaddieLynn! Sorry I haven't stopped by lately. I'll try to stop by more frequently. (And I agree, cute does NOT mean harmless. :) )

In Christ,