Friday, February 13, 2009

Quotes From Reagan

"If you don't give me nickles, then I will DIE, and you will be sorry!

"You neeeevvvvveeeeerrrrr let me go into the liquoooooooor stoooooooooore!!!" (When we were getting boxes to pack in)

(Mommy) "Did you go to the bathroom like I told you to?"

(Reagan) "Umm... sort of!"

"Where is outside?"

"Cake makes you healfy."

"I like RD-2E." (R2-D2)

"Hi, Doorbell!" (After we've been calling the baby 'Adorabelle')

"If you give me ice cream then I will grow."

(I asked her to tell me about Star Wars, and she answered me in mostly single words:) "Anakin. Ahsoka. Rex. Shoot. Kill eachother. Stars (light sabers). Hey, I want a purple light saber for my next birthday!"

(About Yoda) "Green. Orange (???)."

"I have nickles, and you don't!"


Jen said...

Ummm... did you give her any nickles? Too cute! Keep up the good work Maddy! I absolutely LOVE to read your blog!

Nikki said...

Cute! I love the things little kids say. Soooo hilarious!