Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First: Attention! Alert and Alarm! Second: The Rodeo!

Mymomconnie has hacked into my blogger account! I did not publish her comment on this post! Oh well, I know her password!

Last night we went to the rodeo. I would post pictures, but the camera has an objection.

My favorite part was the barrel racing, and I got some good pictures which I can't show you. (Glaring at the camera)

There was also a hilarious clown act where the clowns were doctors and they were taking a lady to the hospital. At the end of the act, the announcer said, "If that doesn't kill her, nothing will!"

At the beginning, there was a big parade of people on horses. I got some good pictures of that, too.

At the end was Mymmomconnie's least favorite part, bull riding. I've figured out that if the camera wakes up in time to take a second picture of the bucking, it means that the guy hung on long enough for the buzzer.

And now I can't think of an ending for this, so I'll just say it.

The end.

You can go home now.

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