Saturday, January 17, 2009


Reagan has a very bad cold recently, and the worst part is her cough. Sometimes she can't stop coughing, and usually what brings it on is A) She went outside in the cold or B) she was crying about something (which she happens to be doing quite a lot).

Anyways, when she gets coughing really bad, sometimes we have to put her in the shower and let it get really steamy.

Anyways again, earlier, for some reason, she was crying about something completely irrelevant, such as, let's say, her hair clip was blue instead of green. Here's an interesting conversation that I heard:

Mommy: "Reagan, stop crying. You're going to make yourself cough."

At which point I mouth to her, that's exactly what Reagan wants.

And right on cue, Reagan says, "Can I take a hot shower?"

Me: "I told you!"

Mommy: "No, there's no hot water left right now."

Reagan: "Then can I take a cold shower?"

Mommy: (giggle giggle snort) "NO! You'd be freezing!"

Reagan: "But I LIKE cold showers!!!!"

Mommy: "It would be too cold!"

Reagan: "I don't care if I ever get cold. I NEVER get cold!!!"

Then she goes off to do something else. Or so we think....

A few minutes later I walk into the bathroom and see Reagan in the shower, just standing there, waiting for water from Heaven to pour onto her head.

Sometimes she never gives up.

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Emma said...

Your sister is so funny!