Monday, January 19, 2009

There IS a Creator

I have decided to do a post on Creation Evidence.

Today, in public schools, evolution is taught as a fact. Just like 4 x 3=12 is taught as a fact. Public school teachers are not allowed to teach about creation as a fact, and that's making a big impact on how people view creation.

Here is a quote from a great book, Out With Doubt, that shows how many people view God and creation.

Tommy really thought Mr. Hinson was a great teacher, and all of his friends
But Tommy had one big problem. Mr. Hinson taught some things
about the universe that Tommy had not been taught at home. For instance,
when he taught the unit on dinosaurs, he said that some of their bones were
around 150 million years old. And when he explained about the meat-eating
Venus Flytrap, he said that it just happened by genetic mutation. None of
these things had really bothered Tommy until today.
Today in Mr. Hinson's science class was different because he talked
about God, or to state it more correctly, the idea that there is no God.
"Today in class," said Mr. Hinson, "we are going to talk about the
origin of the Universe. Who can tell me how it got here?"
Eugene Lepton, the class genius who read his science textbook for
fun, said, "It started out as a tiny, dense ball about the size of a period at
the end of a sentence. Then it exploded in what is called the 'Big Bang'
and sent particles flying all over. Eventually the planets organized in
"Very good", Hinson commented, "That's exactly right. Now, can
anyone tell me how old the Universe is?"
Lucy Landsdale, who always tried to outdo Eugene, piped
up: "Most scientists say that the Universe is about 8 to 20 billion years
"Right again," said Mr. Hinson. "And how did life originate on
our planet Earth?"
This time no one answered, so Mr. Hinson began to explain.
"Hundreds of millions of years ago, in a chemical swamp, a single-cell organism
formed from nonliving compounds. It genetically mutated and evolved into
multicellular bacteria. Those bacteria adapted and evolved through more
mutations and natural selection, and changed into different types of plants and
animals. Eventually, mammals like apes and monkeys evolved, and we humans
evolved from a common ancestor we shared with them."
Suddenly, Jimmy Johnson-whose dad preached at a large church in
town-blurted out in a rather nervous-sounding voice: "That is not
true. The Bible says that God created the Universe in six days, and
created man out of the dust of the Earth."
Tommy knew he had been taught the same thing about God, and he
silently wished he had the courage to do what Jimmy was doing.
Mr. Hinson chuckled and said: "Yes, Jimmy, that is what the
Bible says," as he walked over to his desk and pulled out a black Bible from the
top drawer. He read several verses from Genesis about God creating
the whole Universe. The Bible was a King James, and many of the words
sounded strange to the class. Then Mr. Hinson continued: "You see,
the Bible is an old book filled with old ideas and lots of mistakes. Very
few really smart people believe in the Bible anymore."

What the teacher says about the Bible pretty much sums up what many people think about creation and the Bible these days. The general idea is that the story of creation is just some outdated science possibility that people believed before the idea of evolution was invented.

The very FIRST verse in the Bible says, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth."

One of the primary rules of science is the rule of Cause And Effect. If there is an effect, then by the rules of science, there must be a legitimate cause. For instance, if a vase falls off of a table and breaks, of course it did not happen because an ant crawled by, but it could have happened because a toddler reached out and grabbed it. Or if a rainbow appears in the sky, it certainly was not caused by a bird, but because the sun was shining on a rainy day.

Yet even scientists refuse to acknowledge this rule when it some to creation. Remember what Mr. Hinson taught Tommy? Well, what caused the chemical swamp? An the non-living compounds from which the single-cell organism supposedly morphed? And if they have the answers for that, I want to know, what caused the causes? And the causes of the causes?

Also, here's another interesting point: I know that there are small mutations in the animal kingdom today, such as an albino lion, but has it EVER, in all of history, been recorded that a monkey and its offspring mutated into humans? And I don't mean where scientists have "recorded" that is happened millions of years ago. I mean an actual documentation by man of this supposed event. If monkeys morphed into men million of years ago, why haven't we seen even the SLIGHTEST change in monkeys for as long as history has been kept? If it happened then, why not now?

And here's something else very interesting: In some canyons, layers in the rock can be seen. Scientists claim that each layer took a million years or more to be built up by the flowing water, yet there are fossilized trees standing up through 3 or more layers! If each layer really took a million years, the tree would have rotted down to a stump before even a little bit was covered with rock!

There is much, MUCH more evidence for creation, so much more that I can't list it all! And still people insist that the world just happened to come into existence through some phenomenon.

It seems to me that people will believe whatever they want to believe, regardless of the evidence proving that belief wrong. Why is this? Why do people want to deny God's existence over and over again? I think it's because they are afraid to admit that there might actually be a real God, because they don't want to have to obey Him and to what He tells us to. What they don't know is that they are missing their only chance to have eternal life. I don't say "eternal salvation" because, no matter what we do, our souls are going to live eternally. We only get to choose if we have Eternal Life or Eternal Death.

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