Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tutorial on How To Use GIMP, Part 1

I've decided to do a tutorial on how to use the various tools on GIMP. I don't know what some of the tools do because I don't use them.

When you first bring up GIMP, this is what the main window will look like:

These are the first 4 tools on the top:

The first one is used to make rectangles and squares. If you wanted to draw a house on GIMP, you could use this for the "body" of it. The second tool is just like the first one, only it is used to make ovals and circles. With the third tool you use the mouse to hand draw an area that you want to crop. The fourth tool is used to select an area so you can erase everything on the outside or inside of it without erasing the outline.

These are the next 4 tools:Actually, I'm not sure what they do because I never use them.

Here are the next 4:The first one you use to pick a color that is already on an image so you can color another part of an image the same shade as the first part. The second one is used to zoom in or out on an image. I don't know what the third one does (grin), but the fourth one you use to move an image that you have put on top of another image around.

Here are 4 more:I only know what the second one of these does. It's the cropping tool, and I used it to make these pictures that y'all are looking at right now!

Come back later for more of the tutorial!

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